Creaking and Clanking Pipes?

Do you ever turn your hot or cold water on in your sinks or showers and
hear them pounding against the rafters down below? Any type of such problem
can be stopped and silenced with the following tip:

This is a two-man job, one stays upstairs where the faucets are, and the
other goes below to discover the pipe(s) that are causing all the ruckus.
First you have to discover which lines are making the noise, hopefully it’s
only one, but it can be both hot and cold. So, the person upstairs turns on
the faucet while the one down stairs observes to see which is the “culprit”
pipe. Once the observation is made, the one downstairs simply tells the
upstairs person to shut of the water.

Now you just go over and take the additional pipe hangers, and screws that
you will have already gotten from the hardware store before you began this
little covert, silencing, job, and clamp on a few more hangers,
particularly where you saw the pipe moving the most. Simply screw down the
pipe hangers as tight as you can get them, making sure not to bend the pipe
put of place, while at the same time screwing the hangers into rafters and
anything else near enough to tighten them down to. You can also line the
new hangers with adhesive-backed felt, cut into small strips that can be
stuck to the back of these hangers for added silencing effect. I’ve heard
they work well. Also, if your pipe is running vertically up a wall, try a
couple additional pipe fastened into wood, as the photo above demonstrates,
it can do wonders to stop noisy pipes!

Well, simple as it is, there you have it. Be sure that you test your newly
refastened pipes by having the one upstairs try running the water again. If
it still needs a little more quieting, now you’ll be able to pinpoint the
exact spot(s) that are making any additional noises and can repeat as
before, even wrapping a thin cloth between the hanger and pipe, securing it
by wrapping it tight, and tying it in a knot of your choice.