How to find the stud!

So you want to hang that giant mirror in your living room but don’t want it
hanging by the drywall itself, eventually pulling out and falling down on
top someone’s head, or maybe worse, breaking the mirror itself! You need to
find a stud, because neither of those scenarios would be desirable in real

There are several things you can do to find one: (1) tap the wall with your
knuckle until you hear that “not-so-hollow” sound, (2) buy an electric stud
finder (trust me, they’re not always accurate unless you want put down a
nice chunk of money for one - but there is an easier way), (3) You can
measure from the corners of the wall and “zero in” on one, or use a
combination of any, as they’ll all work with greater or lesser
effectiveness. I’m sure the list of *stud finding* can be added to by
anyone, but these are 3 basic and easy ways to locate the stud. For me the
best choice is to simply measure because the basic frame of any house is
pretty much the same and studs are placed about 16 inches apart from each
other, so when you find one stud you can bet that 16 inches in either
direction you’ll find another one.

One other basic rule of thumb is to start at the corners and work your way
in. Measure 16 inches, then 32, etc., and you’ll find your stud every time.
Should you miss the mark, don’t worry, you can go back and fill the small
hole with chalk or even toothpaste (it works!).

So now you've found the stud(s) you needed, what now? Drilling the screws,
or hammering the nails (if that’s your plan). However, instead of merely
drilling or hammering straight into the stud, try another simple step - try
“angling” them in a downward fashion so that the screw or nail is wedged
into the stud, leaving the tops of either facing upwards. This will help to
*anchor* the screw or nail, and will hold the weight of your object in a
much stronger way and will not be near as likely to pull out or come loose.

So now you've found your studs, anchored the screws properly, and hung your
heavy mirror! Great job! Stay tuned for more “simple tips and quick fixes
for daily household living” coming your way soon! Thanks!

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