Lemon Juice

After completing that concrete, floor, asphalt, or whatever job that
requires getting your hands a little dirty, you’re in luck. There’s a
simple tip for many of you who like to keep those hands, arms, (and
occasionally, feet) clean and soft. There’s business to conduct after all
and in today’s world a nice, clean, contractor may get the bid simply due
to appearances, and the “tell-all handshake” just might seal the deal for

Whether you simply want smooth hands for the sake of your spouse, children,
clients, or simply for personal reasons, try this the next time you end up
with grout-covered hands:

After thoroughly washing with your favorite soaps and cleansers, grab a
lemon out of the fridge and cut up a few slices any way you want. Rub the
lemon on your hands and let the juice saturate through all the cracks and
crevices of both hands, in between fingers, and especially on the inside of
the palms and fingers. Afterwards, just hold it on each of the fingers few
a few seconds and lets it soak it, It doesn’t have to be a long ordeal, and
should take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete.

The reason we’re using lemon juice is that the citric acid naturally
neutralizes the alkaline found in many of the chemicals, compounds, and
even the simple gravel and cements we work with, and applying a little
citric acid found in citrus fruits, like lemons, or even the acetic acid
vinegar will neutralize the caustic alkaline we deal with in all the
various forms, and will keep the skin from drying out, keep them from
painful cracking, and developing unwanted calluses.

Whatever your goal, a little lemon juice can go a long way and keep those
hands soft and ready for that next big job. Give it a shot!

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