Light bulbs blowing out?

Have you noticed your light bulbs blowing out faster than they normally
would, or should? I have had the problem myself. These light bulbs that
claim to be “double life” don’t even make it half-way through a normal
lifespan and I found myself buying light bulbs nearly every month for the
same ones I replaced the previous month, but there’s a possible fix to
this! Sometimes the connection gets pushed down too far and isn’t
connecting to the bulb as it should, or the connection itself gets dirty
and that dirt buildup causes an interruption in the connection which makes
the filament flash on and off, which shortens its life.

Try taking the light bulb out of the fixture and make sure to turn the
power off, or better yet, turn off the circuit breaker itself. Then wipe
out the inside of the lighting fixture, try a damp cloth or even a damp
paper towel and gently wipe the inside, paying special attention to the
fixture’s tab inside the socket. Then take a screwdriver or any small,
flat, utility you can find, and push the tab upwards a bit so that the
connection between the light bulb and the tab will fit together much
better. That’s all there is to it. Now you have a nice clean socket and the
tab is back in its proper place. The light bulb’s lifespan should now last
much longer.

Consider doing this with every light socket in your home that’s repeatedly
causing this type of problem and you’ll save quite a bit of dough,
particularly now that light bulbs have become much more expensive.