Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

One of the best means of using the Sun’s power for our future in renewable
energy is called photo voltaic energy conversion. Basically it’s what we
know as solar energy, or a way to produce solar energy. According to
McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Dictionary (the best definition is):

“The production of a voltage in a non homogeneous semiconductor, such as
silicon, or at a junction between two types of material, by the absorption
of light or other electromagnetic radiation”.

It actually all started with Albert Einstein, in 1905, when he won his one
and only noble prize for what they then called the “photoelectric effect”.
He understood that light was made of particles, and that these particles
could knock out electrons on certain surfaces to produce a type of current.
It was only a matter of time before other scientist were able to put his
theories to use and come up with a way to use the sun’s energy in a manner
that benefited man, and perhaps his entire future.

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