Solar Powered Adapter

There are now several kinds of solar powered mechanisms that can power many
of our gadgets and household items. One that caught my particular interest
is the solar powered adapter for nearly all sized batteries, but of special
note is the AA/AAA adapters as they are the most commonly used batteries
around today.

For about 40 dollars you can buy one of these adapters and charge your
rechargeable batteries over 500 times if you but the good ones, or 200
times for the cheaper ones. If you figure you spend about 2 dollars per
battery for even average type AA’s, for every 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 packs you buy
you could potentially pay for the adapter and 4 rechargeable batteries for
it by the 4th trip to the store, not to mention that you’ll have an average
of 200 - 500 charges left, which is a long time to go between buying
batteries. That’s a good bargain for your pocketbook, but an even better
one for the environment!

Here’s the applications of one such item:

- Charges 4pcs of NIMH or NiCad “D”/”C”/”AA”/”AAA” size rechargeable
- With all weather durable fiber glass board 7V solar panel
- Charges mobile phones, portable game systems, radio/cassette player,
torch/lantern and toys ….. etc
- A blocking diode is built into the circuit to prevent the reverse flow
of electricity
- Full set of multi-plug and cable wire is provided for easy connection
to many appliances

I can’t advertise them, but look for them online and you’ll soon be able to
“green up”, even if just a little.