Source of Power

Throughout the ages the sun has been a source of “power”, not solar power
as we might know it today, but power in the minds and hearts of mankind,
and it has always been a source of awe and inspiration, even been worshiped
through the early millenniums of mankind as being a Divine source, worthy
of praise.

Today we don’t worship the Sun, but it’s still inspiring and the cause of
life on our planet. It’s the creative source in poems and writings and
countless other creative and wonderful endevours, and plays such a vital
part in the lives of every human being, plant, animal, and mineral, ever to
have “lived” on this earth, and I’m not merely speaking in terms of heat or
pure biology.

While we may think we understand our world very thoroughly, it’s clear we
are learning more each day and to some very brilliant minds we have only
*begun* to scratch the surface in terms of knowing our world. What does
this have to do with solar energy - everything. We have just begun to put
into practice some practical applications of the Sun’s power, and as no one
knows the future, it is a thought worth mentioning, as 100 hundred years
from now we may come to a point where we understand new ways to covert the
solar cell into electricity that can power entire cities! In fact, we are
going to HAVE to, as more and more of the world’s energy sources are being
consumed MUCH faster than we can harvest them, and in reality, many sources
of the Earth’s energy will certainly run out, and not in 100 years, but in
a couple of decades.

So while some may say, “what’s any of this *really* got to do with me”,
again, I say “everything”! If we don’t take responsibility for saving our
earth’s resources and leave it in the hands of another we are then
responsible for causing the very thing that we ourselves, our children, and
our grandchildren will have to endure when these resources run out
(completely), and I’ll reiterate: it’s not some long-off future event, it’s
happening right now and now is the time to act.

There are many things you can do to help save our planet, but nothing is so
practical and applicable as going green by means of solar energy, because
unlike recycling, which I’d also suggest, investing in solar energy,
whether for heating your home, heating your water tank, lighting your lawn,
or any other application it has, it will give BACK to you, and YOU will
save money, and that’s one thing we all want in these time of financial
uncertainty. You are helping yourself while helping the planet. Even if you
are the first to put solar panels on your house, like any other attractive
and helpful home application or endeavor, it will catch on! Notice the
neighbor who, after watching you put on a new roof, does the same thing -
so it will be with solar paneling, especially after you spread the word
about how much money you’re saving!