*Modifications to boost value*!

There are many things you can do to add value before the appraiser comes
and puts that “number” on the worth of your home. This deserves its own
subsection to the original “12 steps”, and I’m going to break it into at
least 5 simple steps, maybe more.

Let’s start by thinking what increases value, not just to the appraiser,
but to the potential buyers especially. You may get the appraiser to put a
nice sum of “mullah” on the house, but if no one buys it is it worth
anything. So, to begin with, think of some ideas that will WOW the buyers
in the first place.

Start with the outside and work your way in. As a first thought, is there
a curb in front of the house? Try using stencils and paint the house number
in big, maybe fancy, numbers so it’s noticeable and says, “This is my Spot,
my home!”

Also, consider the front door and garage, if you have one. A well painted,
subtle but attractive front door can cause the whole house to look better!
Remember not to overdo it, just because your favorite color may be pink
doesn't mean it will attract potential buyers. Take a good look at the
house, is it all one color? Okay, go online and look up “complimentary
colors” and browse through the varying types of colors that go well
together and go for it! Is the house half brick and half colored siding?
Consider the colors of both and find your match online again, or choose
something bold on your own. These little additions can really pay off!

The sky’s the limit - but just those two simple ideas can make a big
difference to that next potential buyer who’s scheduled to come next week.
They’re things that you can do in a day’s time. What else would YOU look
for when pulling up to YOUR next home? Or what do you find attractive on a
home you've seen recently? Apply it to your house as well!

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