Outside Lighting

Once you have the door, curb, and garage looking fantastic and inviting
maybe you can try adding something to the yard itself.

Have you ever gone to a neighbor’s or friend’s who had set up some nice
yard lights running along the driveway or sidewalk? They look great, are
easy to install, and might add that touch the buyer has been looking for.

There are many choices when considering the best lighting for your yard
that will not only add to the overall beauty of the yard, but lights also
add safety and the ability to get around at night when accidental falls are
at their highest, and they avoid having to fumble around in the dark when
you’re coming home or need to be out there.

A 7- to -8 foot post lantern may be the perfect thing you need for the
driveway, or you may opt for the easily installable underground
spreadlights that light the driveway one both sides, giving it a modern and
“welcome” look and feel. The choice is yours, but some extra lights along
the driveway and/or walkway can add a lot of warmth to the house and may be
something to seriously consider.

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