The Future of Solar power on Earth

Will the earth be powered almost entirely by solar power in the future? 
That’s a hard question to answer, but it’s very clear that the Earth’s natural resources are being consumed faster than ever and faster than they can be replaced or renewed. Oil itself is a resource we need to pay particular attention to however. There are few people who realize just how much we depend on it and how little there is left, despite government claims of huge reserves. If you take every man, woman, and child into account and what we use up every day, there seems no way to have much of a future without going GREEN given the true estimates on where our resources stand. 

A future solar earth is not that hard to conceive of in the imagination, but people are not going to want it easily, nor do many believe we’ll ever run out of resources given the productive and carefree 19th and 20th centuries, and they’ll be remembered as great centuries in the future, as the “roaring twenties” might have been to those in the 1980’s, so will those centuries be thought of if we make it out of this one without catastrophe. 

The only real way I can see a bright, decent, future is to start making these much needed changes right now. There are small towns going solar in Switzerland and in many places on earth, but I think we all need to pitch in and really take a look at powering our homes, businesses and industries with the types of solar power and energy that is available to us here and now. If we did so, we could significantly lower the greenhouse gases and conserve our planet’s resources on so many levels. 

Think about just getting solar panels for your homes and businesses, or getting solar charged batteries, anything and everything from recycling our plastics and metals to building solar cities is now within our grasps. So why not start right now? Call your local solar power companies and talk to them about solar panels on your home or just to get yourself some information on the savings you would take in in the long run, the only run that really counts.

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