New Home Built in Springfield MO

Follow us on Facebook as we build this new concrete home located in Springfield MO. ICF homes are superior to conventional wood frame construction in many key ways: they’re more energy efficient, more durable, stronger, more comfortable in hot and cold weather, quieter and more resistant to high winds, storms, floods and fire. However, concrete houses can have the same shapes and floor plans, windows, doors and finishes inside and out as traditional houses. They do not look like a "bunker"... (unless you want them to). We will build your new custom home and put a 10 year warranty on your new house. The last photo is an example of what our finished Interlocking Concrete Form Houses can look like, we built that home in West Plains MO. We have a 100% price guarantee that you will not go over budget!

New ICF House Built by Joshua Deatherage Builders

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