5 Ways to Get the Remodel You Want for Less

Don't sacrifice your design! Follow these tips to get the look you want within your remodeling budget.

1. Focus on what you need. Take a look at your wish list ask yourself if those things that you "must have" are really that necessary. Remember that these are emotional decisions and that expensive tile back splash may not hold the same place in your heart after a few years.

2. Finish the plan. Spend time with your architect and contractor to work out and finalize the plans. Time spent here will pay off as the contractor can help find cost savings and prevent expensive changes down the road.

3. Don't do everything now. When starting a remodeling project we often get carried away and want to change everything now. If there are projects that can be completed later at the same cost, wait. This will allow you to save up more money in advance.

4. Shop smart. Make sure to order materials with time to spare. Stopping work to wait for materials to arrive is costly. Delays happen all the time so make sure that the materials have enough cushion time to arrive, and be checked for measurements.

5. Don't change your mind. It's inevitable that you'll change your mind about some aspect of the project but know this: even though the change may seem small, there are always added costs, even if it's just the time spent discussing the change.

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