Home Design Tips

1. Use of neutral base colors- The ease of matching neutrals with other colors, prints, and patterns make them fantastic options. Mixing and matching neutral colors with accents are a great option to achieve varied styling looks in your room without spending too much.

2. Making walls and rooms more dramatic- Apart from the use of neutral colors in furniture, walls will be given touches of drama, class, and elegance. They will bear darker colors which will become perfect backgrounds for furniture and fixtures that have metallic accents or are metals themselves.

3. Utilizing intriguing vintage displays- Whether they are cabinets, frames, and other vintage pieces, these will surely become great conversation starters among guests. The appeal of vintage art will also fuse with what other interior designers refer to as urban nostalgia. Figurative and abstract paintings will also become more popular wall displays.

4. Appreciating the beauty of layering- Wood, metal, and fabric will become more prominent in layers. More of their appealing combinations will be seen in many parts of the house particularly the living room. The differences in their colors and textures will be great to play with. Considering the beauty and appeal of fabric designs and prints, they will become great accents to wood and metal furniture.

5. Going ultramodern with smart home options- Robotic cleaners, thermostats, and lighting all controllable through smart phone integration will become more feasible options for homeowners this year.

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