Problems Your House is Trying to Show You

A house is truly a moving, breathing thing. It is reacting to the weather, each part expanding and contracting at different rates, and it needs proper care. Closely monitoring the sounds, smells, and visual cues of your home can help you catch problems early. Here are a few signs that your house might be showing you and what problem it indicates.

1. Dark spots on walls, ceilings, or carpets. If you have dark spots on your drywall or spots on the floor that won't come up indicate a mold or mildew problem caused by a leak. That, there could be a lot of moisture in that area of your home. Have a specialist check to see what is the cause and what is needed to fix it. Tip: Always run your fan when you cook and when you shower to prevent moisture from building up.

2. Cracking, flaking, or bubbling paint. Another sign of moisture that should be addressed ASAP. Check around ceilings, walls, windows and molding for trapped moisture. It could be coming from outside or from a leaky pipe or A/C unit. The ultimate consequence is mold and wood rot so call a professional to get a diagnosis.

3. Wrinkled wood. Wood should smooth, and wavy or wrinkled wood is almost always an indication of dry rot. This is mainly a problem of exterior wood and should be repaired to prevent further damage.

4. A popped out button on your socket and an appliance stopped working. This can often be attributed to a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI.) GFCI's help prevent electric shock from faulty appliance wiring. If electricity goes in a direction it's not supposed to, the GFCI shuts off electricity through that socket. If this happens push the reset button and if that doesn't work you'll need to get the outlet repaired. Note: Many GFCI's are connected to multiple outlets. If one outlet stops working, find one with nearby with a GFCI and reset from there.