Bargain Bathroom Renovations that Pay Off

Whether it features a high-end luxury shower or a stained and grimy tub, your home's bathroom can carry some serious weight in determining your home's value. But bathroom renovations can come with a big pricetag. To make your dollar go a little further, choose projects with the best chance at increasing your home's value.

1. Improve Lighting

If your bathroom features a single overhead source of illumination, that could make a for a potentially hairy situation when you're plucking your eyebrows or running a razor under your chin. Consider installing light bars on either side of your vanity mirror, which will give more attractive illumination than light from above. Another option are fixtures with LED bulbs, popular because of their versatility, energy savings, and impressive longevity. Estimated ROI: 70%

2. Update the Vanity

Outdated vanities can usually be spotted by their color and fixtures. Pastel-colored sinks, '80's style golden oak vanities, and sinks shaped like clam shells are all outdated styles give the whole bathroom feel stale. For an upgrade, we recommend installing a floating vanity, which attaches to the wall rather than standing on the floor. Another options is a vessel sink, which sits on top of the counter like a bowl. Estimated ROI: 100%

3. Modernize Flooring

If your flooring has deteriorated or if it looks like it's from another era (again, we warn against the pastel colors), the good news is that there are several options for getting a more modern look. One options is instally large tiles in neutral colors. Another is rectified procelain tile, which can mimic the look of stone or wood and requires very little maintenance. A high-traction, low-slip flooring option can be attractive for homeowners and homebuyers who are aging or who have aging parents living with them. Estimated ROI: 70% and up