Hottest Trends in Flooring You Should Know About

Are you planning to upgrade your floors? After all, they can alter the look of any space without significant upgrades to any other thing in the room and help create sophistication. Before you decide anything, check out the following hot new flooring trends to ensure your significant investment does not go to waste:

Colors and Patterns

As much as whites and browns have dominated flooring trends over the past years, now it is time to move away from the conventional look and dive into something more elegant. This year, it is all about grey color tones in flooring that add style to even casual spaces. If you're not a fan of grey, don’t fret. Color still continues to reign supreme in flooring trends and you can opt for an edgy brown, flattering red, or other bold flooring hues that appeal to you. Just make sure the flooring color you choose complements your furniture and walls.


After color, when you think of the texture of flooring, know that this year it’s the year of distressed flooring. You can choose any style such as French bleed, hand scraped, wire brushed, each has its unique charm that help elevate the look of any space.


Bamboo floors are uniquely beautiful as well as durable making them popular among home consumers. There are many styles, textures, and stains that you can choose from within when planning to install bamboo flooring, but know that they are here to stay.


Wood has and always remained on top priority for any consumer and the styles and textures available in wood planks only grow to be fashionable with every coming year. You can choose from many fresh options. An emerging trend in wood flooring is wide planks that add character and sophistication to any place.
If your love for wood exceeds beyond the use of it on floors, you don’t have to worry. A growing trend among homeowners this year is the use of wood on walls and ceilings. So if you want to create some drama in the house by installing wood accent walls, you can go right ahead!

End Note

In terms of finish, what's trending is the low gloss finish that enhances d├ęcor subtly yet powerfully. It's beautiful as well as easy to maintain, not giving you floor troubles any time soon. These latest trend suggestions should help you decide the kind of flooring most suitable for your home.

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