Living Room Remodeling Tips – Because that is Where Families Unite!

The living room is the central space in any house, and the most important, because it allows everyone to gather and relax. It is where family Netflix binges and familiar conversations flow – so if you’re planning to remodel your living room, we assume the excitement must be high! 

Living rooms are also the first space in your home that frequent visitors are exposed to, so making them welcoming is a factor that matters for many people. Below are some living room remodeling tips we have accumulated from our years of experience working with several clients. See if you can benefit too:

Add Windows

Whether it’s the summers or the winters, big windows in your living room can be a delight in both weathers and those in between. In winters, you’ll welcome the warmth of your sun in your home, and in summers, it keeps the place cool. Whether your living room is big or small, we suggest you should have big windows to make the place bright and happy.

Add Color

A pop of color always makes a space look interesting, and if it’s small, gives it the illusion of being larger than it really is. Adding a bright color to one wall and contrasting it with plain white walls helps make the space look chic. We always advise our clients to think their color palette through carefully for it to complement their creativity, style, and décor.

Another important thing when it comes to home remodeling is to paint your walls instead of applying wallpaper. You may consider wallpapers more convenient, but consider the fact that in the future, it can decrease your home value as no one likes to go through the hassle of peeling it off. 

Give Attention to Detail

Extensive remodeling isn’t always required to give the place a makeover, that is, if the right right attention to detail is given. While you should make sure that your living room windows, ceilings, and flooring are all intact, the relatively smaller aspects like changing the baseboards, crown molding, and wainscoting can also make a big difference. 

While no one may instantly spot the small changes you made in your living room, they will provide neatness to your place that can help accentuate its look.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect in any space, more so in the living room. Watching television or reading the newspaper in bad or inadequate light can cause vision problems. Install wall fixture lights, which come in a wide variety of style and shape to add adequate lighting to the space. Lamps are also a good lighting option but we suggest that you use them only for style purposes. 

When it comes to living room remodeling, your preferences matter a lot. However, you have to leave the technical expertise to the professionals to handle. We at Joshua Deatherage Builders provide complete home remodeling and rebuilding solutions. Request your consultation today by calling (417) 204-4949.