Should You Opt For Pocket Doors in Your Home Design?

When it comes to home design, we know homeowners can get perplexed with the many choices available at their disposal. Pocket doors look elegant, help save space, and enhance the architectural beauty of your home, but everyone has their own opinion on whether or not to install them. Some people find pocket doors convenient while others consider them a hassle. Here, we discuss both sides of the coin to help you decide whether you should incorporate pocket doors in your home design:
Install Pocket Doors If
If a swinging door isn’t an option in the small bathroom space, you can install a pocket door. These can be customized to reflect the bathroom walls and color all while making your bathroom appear larger than it actually is. If you require semi privacy between two rooms, pocket doors are a good option. You can separate a large room into two sections by installing a pocket door, such as the dining room and formal sitting room.
Pocket doors are also a good option to install in place of your cupboard doors. Again, they allow space saving and the choice for the door will depict how casual or formal the place looks. If you have small children or pets in the house and you don’t want them out of our sight, you can install a partial height pocket door to keep them enclosed within a space. This option also looks elegant provided you choose the right materials and colors. If you have an outdoor porch, glass pocket doors can make for the most beautiful home design to allow the outdoor beauty and sun to pour into your home.

Don’t Install Pocket Doors If

If you have small children in the house, it may not be a good idea to install pocket doors at critical places in your home because they become hard to open for kids. They may also be difficult to roll or lock and you have to keep them well maintained. The elegance of pocket doors is the fact that they roll easily when opened or closed.
Also, when you want strict privacy between two rooms, you may choose another option than pocket doors because they may not be as sound proof. You also have to be prudent while installing pocket doors, as they require sturdy walls to provide support. Choose a wall thicker than 4 inches to install your pocket door.

End Note

Before deciding for sure whether pocket doors are the right choice for you, contact us for advice. We have been providing home rebuilding and remodeling services in the Springfield area since 1997 and we can help you decide the optimal place for your pocket doors if you really want one. You can optimize the elegance of the pocket door in your home by installing it at the right place. For a free consultation, call us today at (417) 204-4949.