The Latest in Home Décor Trends

No matter how much technology dictates our lives and makes its way into our homes, when it comes to home trends, the latest gadgets and the technologically superior spaces have yet to pervade home decor (at least for now). Think that’s for the better? At least we do.

Homes are where families stay and gather to make memories and they should stay like that. Here are the latest home trends you should be incorporating in your home as soon as possible. Not only will it increase the home value but also upgrade your space to this century, if it's been a while (that is):

Comfortable Sectionals

Sectionals aren’t anything new in home trends, but comfortable and wide sitting zones in the living room that allow you to relax as you like are the trend that you need to install. Living rooms are becoming cozier family hangouts and less formal, which means you can go easy on the colors and textures as well.

A Blend of New and Old

If you love your old rustic dining table and aren’t just ready to replace it, it's okay – you have time. A game changing trend in housing décor is mixing the old with the new. You can easily pair contemporary style chairs with your rustic dining table without looking broke. The idea is to emphasize the quality of both and it’s a trend that is picking up speed.

Vintage Tubs

Talk about bathroom luxury and vintage tubs that allow you a good comfortable soak are back in. It’s something completely old fashioned, but in this tech-dominated world, this is something chic. There is also a growing trend of tubs in bedrooms, which only screams luxury at the top its voice.

Statement Lights

Whether you leave them on or off, statement lights look beautiful either way and that is probably why they are a latest in home décor trends. Choose one for each room or if it's just the dine and living, choose an attractive piece. It looks like this trend is here to stay a while.

Library Décor

Libraries have made a comeback as one of the hot home décor trends, whether you love reading or not. They just give the place an energetic vibe of places not visited but held dear to heart in the chapter of the books you so much love. You can choose to renovate a room to turn it into a library or install one in one part of the room. Either way, it looks good with the space heavily laden with some novels and encyclopedias.

If any of these home décor trends excite you, call us in for a free consultation at (417) 204-4949 and we can help you renovate your home in any way you like. Our expert term is professional and well accustomed to installing floors, cabinets, blinds or any other interior décor item along with other services.

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