Tips to Make a Small Space Appear Bigger

We understand the pain of living in a small space, having helped many clients upgrade their space to a sizeable unit. However, often enough, we realize that a bigger space isn’t as much about the space as it is about the furniture placements, colors and textures that you use. Since we are in the home remodeling, building and upgrading business, we bring to your our top tips to help make any space appear larger. Hope they help!

Use Light Colors

Dark colors make any room seem more closed in and smaller. If your space is already small, avoid suffocating it further by painting it in a dark shade. Choose neutral and soft colors that will help give it the illusion of a large room. Before you start making any guesses, try it.

Position Furniture NOT Against the Wall

Having a small space does not mean that you have to shove everything against the wall and neither is doing that going to make the space any larger. Instead, try arranging your furniture in such as a way that there is some room around it. Your table can be in the middle of the room and your bed doesn’t need to be strictly against the wall. Leaving space between furniture can help create the illusion that it's larger than it really is.

Install Mirrors

Whether it's one full length mirror against a key wall or several smaller ones to make a statement wall,
mirrors will quickly create the illusion that your space is larger than it is really is. There are many fashionable mirror styles to choose from and really, no one do without a mirror or two these days.

Go Dark on the Ceiling

If you must go dark somewhere in your small space, you can go dark on the ceiling because there is good reason for that. Dark ceilings create the illusion of height and adding fun statement fixtures draw the eyes upwards more than on the apparent space.


Add Structure

Adding structure to your space by arranging your things by color or height can help give your small space a neat look and avoid making it look cluttered or small. Remember, the more cluttered you keep a small space, the smaller it will appear, and that is something you don’t want at any cost. If you're not organized, now is the time to be so.

Invest in double purpose furniture, such as a sofa that opens into a bed or a table that you can use for a million things. Such hacks definitely help de-clutter a small space. If you're annoyed by your small space and are looking to get your home remodeled, call us today for a free consultation (417) 204-4949 and our team of experts can help find a solution.