What Should Your Front Door Choice Be?

Your front door is the first impression of your home; an impression that stays for a long time. It makes a statement about who lives inside and their style choice to anyone who doesn’t even know you. Although the purpose of a front door is strictly to provide privacy and security, the many choices at homeowners' disposal has turned it into a style statement too.
If you're building a new home or considering changing your front door because it no longer serves the purpose, here are some important choices and their pros and cons to help you choose your perfect front home door:

Wood Doors

Wood doors remain an elegant choice for front doors, and even with the many faux substitutes available, a genuine wood door retains its elegance. Newer models of these doors are made of wood veneer covered with a wood core. These are less costly and minimize warping. However, when choosing to install a wood door, keep in mind that they also require significant upkeep. A wood door lasts longer if it is protected from sun, moisture, and wetness’ it may otherwise incur cracks and warp. A high gloss finish and durable stains can keep your wood door protected.

Fiberglass Composite Doors

If you're looking for an affordable and durable front door, fiberglass doors should be your first priority. Most models come with a warranty and these last for long periods of time as well. These doors are best for harsh weather conditions or humid climates as they don’t require frequent paint or stain touchups. You can customize the appearance of your door to reflect natural looking materials such as wood. They're great if you live in a busy neighborhood or under harsh weather conditions.

Steel Doors

Another choice for your front door can be that of steel. Granted these door are susceptible to dents, but most can be easily fixed. Steel doors are the least expensive option and also provide great insulating value helping to cut energy costs. Keep in mind that these doors don’t last very long and have a shorter lifespan than wood or fiberglass because of rusting. Steel doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are often chosen for their strength.

End Note

One thing to remember when selecting your front door is that it should complement your overall home style. Avoid going for a very modern looking door if your home is old fashioned and vice versa. We have seen many homeowners making the mistake of not choosing the right color for their front door, which also affects the overall appeal of your home. We suggest the best choice for a home front door is wood, provided you can maintain and afford it, the reason being that they appear luxurious and always remain in style.  

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