Bliss EverClean carpet

Bliss EverClean

          If you are a pet owner then you know the difficulties and expenses in keeping your carpet clean and smelling fresh.  Beaulieu of America, the third largest carpet manufacturer in the US, just came out in 2012 with their new brand: ‘Bliss EverClean Capet’.  This new carpet is made up of solution-dyed polyester.  You may be saying to yourself “what is that”?  I will explain it by comparing a radish to a carrot.  Most normal carpets can be compared to a radish, white on the inside and red (or whatever color) on the outside.  So the color of the carpet is only on the outside of the material.  With EverClean the color goes all the way through the material, more like a when you cut a carrot, it’s still orange on the inside. This makes it easier and more efficient to clean with any spot remover, and keeps your carpet looking new for years to come.