Quick water-saving tips

We all need water, and lots of it. If you doubt you need much, try going a day with your water shut off and it will become immediately apparent just how much we depend on it. There are many ways to save water and save money in the process.

First, think about any faucets in your home, do any have leaks, do they drip (even slowly?), or is the pressure up too high? If yes, repair the dripping or leaking faucets, and turn down the water pressure in that particular room (kitchen or bath).

Secondly, consider changing your shower head. Many times shower heads get clogged up and either cause leaks or the holes can become corroded and make the shower run much harder due to pressure backup. Change to a water-saving shower head and make sure it has multiple settings so that you can turn the water down, or off, when lathering, and back on when rinsing off.

Another way you can save money it to check you outside water hoses. Make sure they aren't leaking and that you shut them all the way off when finished, instead of letting them run even if you have a nozzle of some kind attached, they're still wasting water.

Also, think about simply replacing your bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators with water saving types. All you have to do is screw off the old, and screw on the new ones, easy, cheap, and effective.

When you think about it there are many free and simple ways to save water around the house. Be more water-conscious and you'll find there are all kind of ways to stop wasting it that neither cost a lot of money, nor require great effort.

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