Beautiful Staircase

Making Your Staircase Look As Beautiful As Your Home
Stairs are an essential part of multiple storey homes and you would probably like the stairs to complement the overall style of the interior. Stairs can be constructed in various ways but you need to make sure that you staircase is as safe as its beautiful looks. Here are some things to consider when developing your staircase plans:

The Rise To Run Ratio

To start with the talk of stairs, you must first know that the horizontal surface you step foot on is called the tread, while the board between the treads is known as the riser. To make your staircase safe and comfortable to climb, the rise to run ratio should total 17 inches. Run refers to the horizontal distance between the front and back of the tread while rise is the vertical distance. The shorter the run you keep, the steeper would be the rise to keep the staircase comfortable. However, also keep in mind the limitations to the rise and run ratio, as a rise of more than 81/4 inches could be too steep.
Another thing to make sure is to keep the ratio consistent throughout the staircase as even an inch of difference can cause you to trip.


As with every other interior detailing, staircases can also be installed in various styles. A more modern looking style is eliminating the riser completely so the steps appear to be floating in the air as shown in the image. If you want a more traditional look, you can go with the conventional wooden stairs found in most homes.
How you style your staircase can make it look stunning and one of the decisions to make in this regard, is whether to apply a clear coat or colored paint. Most staircases are a combination of both but if you are painting the staircase, you might want to leave out the treads and banisters as they undergo the most wear and tear.