Choosing a Front Door

Tips for Choosing a Front Door
The front door of your home speaks a lot about your style. It also adds value and beauty to your home, provided that you have chosen a door that suits your home's style. Below are some tips to choosing a front door that can help make the decision easier:

Select Your Budget

Installing a front door is considered an investment and a home improvement project can quickly go over budget if you don’t know exactly how much you are willing to spend. By determining a budget, you are also able to avoid costly mistakes. To determine your budget, consider a few things such as maintenance, required features, long term benefits, finishing, material, hardware and estimated life that make up the cost of the door.

The Material

The material you choose will affect the performance of your door such as its appearance, durability, and maintenance. Different materials come in different prices and every one of them has their pros and cons, which is something you need to evaluate carefully before selecting a front door.
Common materials for front doors include wood, fiberglass, or steel, all of which come in various styles. Wood doors look classic but they are also more expensive. Steel doors are affordable and durable while fiberglass doors are energy efficient, easy to maintain and durable. They also look good and don’t rust or corrode.


After you have decided the material you are going to buy your front door in, there comes style, which must complement the design of your home. Your front door should add to the curb appeal and shouldn’t look out of place. Front doors also reflect the personality of the residents so if your family is traditional, you might like to go for a classic wood door. If you're creative, your best choice could be decorative glass panels.