Crammed In Your Small Bedroom

Feeling Crammed In Your Small Bedroom - Follow These Tips for a Wider Space
A small space can feel crammed if you haven’t decorated it properly. Many people have small rooms and that's okay. With the following decoration tips, you can make sure that your small space appears bigger than it is:

Paint It Right

It's very important to paint your room the right color in order to create the optical illusion that it's larger than it seems. In this regard, you can paint it in rich dark colors such as blues, pastels and grays, or use brighter shades, except white. Also avoid using large patterns if you are considering installing wallpaper and instead, go for smaller designs.

Be Careful With Wallpapers

Wallpapers on all four walls of the room can make it appear small. If you are fond of wallpaper, apply it to only one wall and let it blend in with the paint. Applying wallpaper on the wall against your bed is a good option.

Use the Right Textures

Apart from the wall décor of your room, other things can make a big difference as well, such as using texture on plain surfaces. However, avoid using patterns in the room, as they will make it appear smaller. You can also add a rug on the floor but avoid laying down a full carpet.

Install Wall Lights

Wall lights help save space and also serve well as decorations. Try choosing lighting that complements the interior of your room and see how it helps make your space look grander and larger than it really is.

Small rooms can become the spacious interior you had always wanted, but only if you decorate them right. For help in renovating your home, you can contact us at (417) 204-4949 and book your free consultation.

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