Interior Paint Color

Confused About the Interior Paint Color -Consider These Trending Hues
When it comes to painting the interior of your home, it's natural to feel confused. After all, there are several shades to choose from and consider, against the overall look of your home. If you're finding it difficult to choose a paint color, consider these hues which are trending in 2016:


One of the eye catching colors of this year is white and it’s being used everywhere from the kitchen to other areas of the house. White reflects simple beauty and creates nuance. You can use it for not only the walls but your furniture and decorations as well.

Dark Shades

Another trend, which looks very artistic to the eyes, is contrasts and bold lines of a darker shade. If you are using one color, you can make it appear more colorful with a striking bold line of a different shade. For example, use black to outline the window edges and other corners of the house.

One Wall of a Brighter Hue

Another trend is to paint one wall, which is your decoration wall, in a bright color and keeping other walls subtle. For example, if you have used white on your walls, perhaps you can paint the picture frames wall pink. This allows you to add some focus in the room and avoid making it look too bland, especially if white isn't your preference in the first place.

Color trends come and go and it's unlikely that you will get your house painted again very soon. Make the right color choice consciously and plan everything beforehand so that there are no surprises in the end. For a free home renovation consultation, contact us at (417) 204-4949.