Treat Your Windows Right

How to Treat Your Windows Right
When it comes to windows and window coverings, there are many styles and factors to account for. What matters most however, is that you are able to maintain style as well as durability when it comes to choosing window drapes. Here are some ideas to treat your windows in the right way:

Consider Velvet

Velvet drapes are in style and one of the best materials to make your window drapes. However, remember that velvet gives a royal look so unless it's for a formal sitting area, you shouldn’t install velvet drapes.

Two Toned Sheers

If you are looking for a dramatic look for your windows, you should know that two-toned sheers are quite a trend, as well as sheers in dramatic colors, such as cocoa.

Opt for Fun Patterns

If you don’t want something too contemporary, you may look towards some fun patterns as these are becoming popular and also give off a sense of creativity. Break away from the traditional style and instead go for zebra stripes or giraffe spots.

Install Creative Hardware

Window hardware is another trend, which has surfaced, and now, window decorations are limitless. If you are keeping your window drapes simple, you might want to consider installing decorative hardware that uplifts the look.
Window decorating styles are endless and in the end, what matters most is that it reflects the overall theme of the room. While choosing drapes, also make sure that they are the right measurements and in the right color. Don’t just follow trends but look at your comfort and the fabric's durability as well.

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