Installing a Gazebo

When It Comes To Installing a Gazebo, Know the Types
Gazebos are not only installed to appreciate the value of the property but also as a means of relaxation. They're perfect for reading a book under the sun or enjoying the evening tea. However, when it comes to installing a gazebo in your garden, there are many considerations to make. Gazebos come in various styles and designs but here are five types of gazebos you should know about:
  1. Victorian

Victorian gazebos can be made from stone, wood or metal and it is one of the most elegant gazebo designs to install. A wrought iron railing defines the Victorian gazebo while its other features include decorative finials and friezes.
  1. Oriental

The oriental gazebo has been an important feature in classic Asian buildings and it is minimalistic in design. They are made from wood with a thatched or tiled roof installed. Oriental gazebos can be made stylish with ornate accessories and lighting if minimalistic isn't your style.
  1. Enclosed

If you don’t want to leave your gazebo open, you can install an enclosed one with the sides all closed with glass or wood panels or cafĂ© blinds. An enclosed gazebo can be utilized year round, which makes it an independent room and you can also choose to install heating/cooling and other gadgets.
  1. Rustic

Rustic gazebos are made from recycled wood and accentuate natural warmth. For a natural look, it can be left raw or painted to a color that you like. Rustic gazebos complement all types of gardens.
  1. Monterey

This style of gazebo is another simplistic design, which suits well with all kinds of homes. You can choose to keep it raw for it to blend in with its surroundings. This style of gazebo is a classic that is different from other ornamental gazebos.