Keep Your Bathroom Organized

Tips on How to Keep Your Bathroom Organized
Whether your bathroom space is small or large, it will look neat and presentable if you manage to keep it organized. Often, bathrooms lack storage but here are some effective ways to create storage and keep your bathroom space organized. Let's get started:

Decorate the Counter Space

Don’t just scatter your cosmetic products on the counter. Instead, create a decorative space to store them neatly. Perhaps place a basket and align your belongings in that, on a small mat. You can also use stones or other objects to decorate it but keep in mind, not to make it cluttered.

Create Under the Sink Storage

While under the sink storage is often hidden behind closed doors, now you can expose it stylishly with wicker baskets. These are available in various sizes and you can store your toiletries in them. If there is no space under your sink to place the baskets, create space in another corner of the bathroom.

Install a Bathroom Ledge

Install slender shelves above the bathroom sink to create more storage space for your belongings. It will look neat and stylish and allow you to stock your toiletries neatly on display as well.

Install Floating Shelves

To maximize wall space, you can also install shelves to store toilet accessories. Such shelves can be placed on any empty bathroom wall or one, which is accessible from the bath or sink.

Install Vertical Cabinets

If you have vertical space on the bathroom sink or on the walls, perhaps you can install vertical cabinets to give a neat look to the bathroom and store all the belongings in there. It will help remove visual clutter and give your bathroom a neat, organized look. Paint your cabinets in a color that complements the bathroom walls to help them blend in.