Outdated Home Design

Outdated Home Design Trends For 2016
If reinventing your personal space is one of your New Year resolutions, then you ought to know about the latest trends. Whether you are going for a complete overhaul or considering updating some parts of your home, here are some home design trends, which are outdated for 2016. Make sure you don’t follow one of these trends:

Anything with Chevron Pattern

In 2015, chevron was the in thing but it looks like too much of it may have caused its downfall. It really isn't going to be trending this year and it's better to stay away from the v-shaped pattern that adorned wallpapers, flooring and everything else.


The craze for the neutral color palette is predicted to be going down in 2016. So if you have different tones of neutrals or several shades of grey in your living area, it is time for serious revamping.

Rustic Sliders

Rustic sliders may have been in, in 2015, but moving on, they won’t be anymore. They only look good in certain settings and shouldn’t be used in every home.

Kitchen Desks

Kitchen desks aren't really cutting it, especially in a high traffic area such as the kitchen itself. You ought to focus more on storage space in the kitchen and find that desk a new space if you really want one. The desk can perhaps be shifted to the living room or bedroom or even your study.

Jetted Tubs

If a bathroom remodel is on your agenda, then you might want to rethink the jetted tub. Think more along the lines of a free standing tub which creates an elegant and carefree space in the master bathroom, making it feel like an in-home spa.

Avoid these outdated trends while revamping your home to keep your interior updated and trendy.