White Walls

Decorating With White Walls
White walls are classic and trendy. They never go out of fashion but on the other hand, some people might find their white walls boring eventually. Worry not, there are many ways to play around and spruce up the look of your home with white walls which you just aren't ready to change. Here are some tips to decorate with white walls:

Consider Contrast

When you have white walls, adding bright pops of color can really do the trick without making the room look overdone. Consider buying eye catching, funky furniture pieces or pillows, curtains or rugs. Using contrasting colors especially with white, is powerful and gives an elegant look as well.

Add Wide Mirrors

Mirrors can add the allure of more space in a room and some brightness, depending on their placement. Consider what the mirror will reflect and it should give an extended look of the room. You can also consider placing an unusual frame around it to add a decorative appeal.

Play With Neutral Colors

If you are not ready to add colors and want to keep things warm, neutral colors can be the best choice against white walls to create a relaxing environment. Add layers of neutral colors in your furniture and decorations to give a peaceful look.

Add Frames

White walls are the perfect background for colorful frames and you can decorate frames in different sizes and colors against one side of the wall. It will help create an artistic atmosphere, one which will catch the eye of your guests.

Bold Decorations

Whether it's in color or shape or size, bolder decorations can suit well against white walls. They will stand out and help bring out the space in the room. Decorations are also a subtle way to add color if you are not too willing to go bold with colorful furniture or rugs.