What to Do In Case Of a Plumbing Emergency

At one point or another, every homeowner will face a plumbing emergency but do you know how to handle it? Learning what do in case of a plumbing emergency helps you gain control and protect your home from bigger damage. It also helps get the repairs done quickly. Here are some tips on how to handle a plumbing emergency:

Shut Off Water Supply

The first thing to do is to turn off the source of water nearest to the leak or emergency as quickly as possible. If it’s the toilet, you can quickly turn off the valve situated at the base of the commode. If it’s a bigger problem, know where the main valve is in your home and turn that off. Most valves shut off by turning them clockwise.

Check the Water Heater

You may also turn off your water heater in case of a major emergency to prevent any kind of damage to the unit. Ensure that you turn the heater off after making sure the main valve is off in order to prevent heat welling up inside it, which raises the risk of overheating or bursting.

Handle Small Leaks

You can tackle small leaks on your own as well or until help arrives, by using a plumber's tape. Alternatively, you can stuff towels around the pipe to prevent it from spreading and causing further damage. Make a note of all the small leaks in the home for your plumber to address.

Open Spigots or Drains

Even after you shut off the main valve, there may still be some water in the pipes which you should move away to prevent potential damage by turning on spigots outside the home. You can also use a plunger to try opening the drain if you suspect small clogs or backup.
Meanwhile, don’t forget to call for professional help as soon as possible the problem arises. For plumbing and home maintenance consultation, call (417) 204-4949.