Plumbing Emergencies to Deal Effectively With Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies could not be taken lightly, especially when they have a knack for springing up at most inopportune times. Repair services are not always the most instant solution. What if the sound of rushing water reaches you in the dead of the night? Or what if your faucets have started leaking seconds before guests arrive? You’d be surprised that many of the plumbing problems could actually be dealt effectively by you at your home.
  1. Remove dangerous objects:

Safety must always be the first priority. If the water has leaked out too much and if there are any objects in the way that are susceptible to water damage, they must be removed at once. Take special care to remove wires and electronic items as soon as possible.

  1. Find the Valve:

You should always know where the water valve of your house is. Go out of your way to locate it and make sure that all members of the family are aware of its location. After all the things are out of the harm’s way, turn off the valve so the out flow of water stops at once. The valve should be turned clockwise in order to shut it off.
  1. Figure out the problem:

Now that the emergency situation has subsided a little figure, out the problem and deal with it until professionals could get on the job:
  • If the problem is in the supply tube then try to seal it by screwing in a blind cap.
  • As cliché as it may sound, duct tapes are best to use in case of water leakage temporarily. Always keep one in hand.
  • Many times the sink in kitchen has clogged up and has started the leaking. In order to clean it off cover the other drain using a second plunger, it will provide the force needed to clear the sink.
  • In order to unclog bathtubs, use one plunger on the drain and the other one to plug up the tub’s overflow.
It is imperative that you must always have certain tools like steel pipe wrench, snake, leak-sealing tape (duct tape), and plungers etc available at home to deal with plumbing emergencies or at least stabilize it until the repair services get to you.