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Best Roofing for Cold Environment
Extreme care must be taken in the selection of roofs in climates which are chilly and experience temperatures below freezing point, undergo the thaw and freeze cycle, and suffer from harsh stormy winds. Roofing done by asphalt shingles is prone to cracking due to dryness in the cold season and has a relatively shorter life. This blog will guide you through the best roofing materials for cold environments:
  1. Solar Panels
Solar panels are all the rage these days. Passive solar paneling is made up of curved glass. The air beneath the glass tiles is heated by sunlight. This captured sunlight makes the strong UV resistant curvy glass tiles become hot and cause the ice to melt. Active solar roofs are made up of flat PV panels. In active solar roofing, the heat is captured by the sun and can be converted into electricity as well or used by other devices to utilize the sun’s energy for blowers, pumps and heating systems.

  1. Metal Roofing
Metal roofing is quickly becoming popular in cold climates as it provides a durable solution. This type of roofing makes the snow slide off through the slope of the roof. The main advantage is formation of icicles is averted. The presence of snow guards and heating cables ensure that the snow does not come down collectively in sheets. If the sheets are insulated properly they can even make your home feel warm.

  1. Cement Roofing
Concrete roofing is gaining popularity too because of its capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions. Cement tiles are also resistant to fire and are made up of a mixture of sand and cement. Pigment is added to this mixture which is why these tiles are available in numerous colors and textures.