House Lighting

Getting your House Lighting Right

It may not dawn upon you that bad lighting is the reason why you are getting headaches all the time or feeling lousy. But the fact is lighting does not just affect your moods psychologically but also assists in setting the temperament of the room. Here are some types of lighting and how you can make use of these to get your house lighting right:
Ambient Lighting
This type of lighting determines the way the entire room is lit generally. It softly glows and keeps the room well-lit; however, it is not good for highlighting objects or for performing crucial tasks. Types of ambient lighting are:
  • Pendants and Chandeliers installed on the ceilings of the foyer, living room or over the bathroom tub in a luxurious apartment;
  • Track lights can be installed in bedrooms, kitchens and lounge;
  • Wall Sconces and Wall Mounted Lights which can be placed anywhere around the house: patios, hallways, rooms.

Accent Lighting
Accent lighting gives more focus to the objects, giving more depth to them. It highlights certain portions of the room while keeping the remaining ones in shadow. Examples of such lights are:
  • Spot lights can be fixed to illuminate walls;
  • Fairy lights or landscaping lights to make the exterior of the house such as a statues or garden more beautiful;
  • Wall lights to display the architecture of the room well.
Accent lighting can be done inside the bookshelves or on show cases where you display your accolades and shields.
Task Lighting
This type of lighting assists in stimulating the brain and keeps your mental alertness levels high. Examples of such lights are:

  • Under cabinet lights to make the otherwise shadowed kitchen counters glow;
  • Floor and Bed Side Lamps to boost lighting when you are reading or sewing.