Kitchen Countertop

Best Kitchen Countertop Materials
There are so many diverse types of materials available for counters that the mere selection of one suitable to your kitchen can get overwhelming. Out of numerous options, here are some of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops:
Natural Stone
One of the most durable counter top materials is natural stone out of which limestone, granite, marble, and soapstone are used most frequently. The granite counters are ubiquitous and popular because of the unique grains, divers color ranges, and customizations. It is still not very cheap and prices shoot up depending upon the installations and the intricacy of the fabrication. Soap stones are more resistant to chemical, bacteria, and pigmentation. Those who love classic white kitchen appearances, marble is the best option available but it can get stained easily and retain scratch marks.
These are referred to as “engineered” countertops. There are so many qualities associated with Quartz that it is just behind the omnipresent granite countertop in popularity. These come in every imaginable color and the material is nonporous. Completely impervious to stains, and acidic spillages, quartz countertops are also maintenance free and heat resistant. These are a bit pricey though.
Even though despised by homeowners who love natural stone, the laminate countertops are vastly popular because they are extremely affordable. Plastic laminate or Formica is durable and can last many years. It is also available in a variety of textures, patterns and colors. However, it should be kept in mind that only ones with matte finish ought to be used as kitchen countertops.
Concrete counters have infinite customizations available. Thy have a long lifetime as well. The kitchen counters made from concrete are nearly invincible. The accessibility of color choices relies upon the fact that pigments can be added to the cement. However, these are susceptible to cracking so fabricators have to make use of fiberglass or wire mesh to make the counters stronger.