If your kitchen is clearly in need of remodeling but you don’t want to or cannot spend a lot of money getting it all redone there is still hope.  Here are some minor tweaks that you can pull off without emptying your pockets and spending a lot of your precious time, energy, and effort which would give your kitchen space a fresh look.  
  1. Add an Island
If you have a spacious kitchen and much of the space has been left empty then you can effectively make use of this space by installing a portable kitchen island which more is feasible as compared to the customized and prebuilt ones. Kitchen islands create an attractive display and add more storage as well.
  1. Don’t Replace, Repaint Cabinets
If you have become fed up of your old kitchen cabinets and are desperately looking for the cheapest way to remodel them then you can achieve a similar effect by repainting them, Kitchen cabinets use inexpensive paints as well so this is the least expensive remodeling possible. So if your current kitchen cabinets are in an acceptable physical condition you can consider repainting them to give your kitchen a remodeled appearance.
  1. Pull Out Trays
Pull out trays can add extra storage to both old and new cabinets. These pull out shelves will give the kitchen a restructured feeling and you wouldn’t even have to spend a fortune.
  1. Brighten the Kitchen with Lighting
Making the ambient lighting of the kitchen brighter through energy efficient bulbs will make the space more grandiose. Lighting makes a huge difference as it has the tendency to make the room appear larger than it is and psychologically makes people more blissful. People don’t usually bother with lighting under the cabinet but it makes a huge difference in how spacious the kitchen looks. Putting some lights below your cabinets will make your countertops glow instead of having them look dull due to being in the shadow of the cabinets.