Small Kitchen

How to Make a Small Kitchen Appear Infinitely Larger

Is your kitchen too constricted and leaves barely enough space to breathe freely? Well, here are some sneaky hacks that will definitely help you make your kitchen appear infinitely larger and less compact:
Paint Walls and Cabinets the Same
If you keep the color of the walls of the cabinets same, you will remove the visual limitations which might restrict your vision. The general perception is that in order to make rooms appear wider, you should opt for light colors. This, obviously, is the safest way out but you can even go for darker colors like navy blue or dark grey shades. These shades will give the impression that the walls are farther away than in reality.
Petite Furnishings
You must not put in chunky tables and those furnishing that appear bulky. Instead, always choose delicate chairs, narrow islands, slender tables, and petite furniture.
Geometrical Patterns on the Walls
Horizontal and vertical striped geometrical patterns on the walls and floors have the tendency to give more height and width to the room.  
Glossy Surfaces
Stainless steel kitchen utilities and appliances, glossy floorings like that created by polished concrete or glass tiles, and lustrous cabinets will do a similar trick as that performed by reflective mirrored surfaces.
Glass Cabinet Doors
Instead of having solid wooden cabinet doors, you can have cabinets with glass doors. The glass doors assist in extending the range of your perspective which would add more depth to the room.
Open Shelves
In compact kitchen areas it is better to go for open shelves rather than closed cabinets. It will make the room appear more airy.
Combine into a Larger Space
The ultimate and slightly costlier solution would be to merge the kitchen into a larger room with a half wall such as the breakfast room.