Granite Tiles and Countertops

How to Take Care of Granite Tiles and Countertops
The beauty of granite is undeniable. This irresistible natural stone makes your home more beautiful and luxurious than it is. The intrinsic magnificence of granite makes it an appealing material for your kitchen counters, and bathroom areas. Apart from the beauty, the one reason they are installed in these places is its antibacterial characteristics.
Natural stones like granite are durable and can last a very long time but with just a little bit of cleaning, you can prolong the life of your granite counters, floors and walls.
Dealing with Spillages
If spillages occur, then:
  • Clean it immediately so that you can minimize the harm caused to the stone.
  • Instead of wiping, blot spills with absorbent paper towel or the else it would spread.
  • Never make use of abrasive cleaners
  • Clean with water after using a cleaning solution.
Cleaning regularly
  • The one way to keep your granite stone in superb condition is to clean it regularly.
  • Make use of PH neutral cleaner.
  • To clean coffee and tea stain, make a poultice of baking soda and water. Wet the granite surface before applying the paste. Neatly spread it all over the affected area and place a plastic wrap on it for a day. Then remove it with a plastic spatula and rinse with a sponge and dry.
  • C leaning with water is sufficient.
  • Always use a soft material like a sponge, cloth or a mop to clean granite.
Protection for Countertops and Floors
  • Make sure that the counter surface is sealed properly as the natural stone is porous.
  • Natural stone felt pads must be used at the base of the legs of chairs and table to protect the floor tiles from scratches.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor tiles, without the beater bars, before cleaning with water.
  • To protect the granite tiles from dirt, use carpets and rugs.
  • In order to safeguard the counters from the formation of water rings, make use of coasters.
  • Make use of mats when placing silverware or heavy utensils.
  • Do not use the counters as a replacement for cutting boards to prevent scratching.
  • Place heat resistant trivets or mats under the kitchen appliances and hot dishes.
Poor maintenance mars the exquisite look of your granite stone floorings and countertops. Natural stone require care to remain its top quality so do not compromise on it if you want the esthetics last a long time.