Hardwood Flooring

Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring
Deliberating whether you want to have hardwood flooring or not? Make an informed decision after reading the pros and cons of hardwood flooring:  
These floors do not retain dust and irritants so they are a big plus if your family is prone to allergies.
Adds Value to Your Home
Hardwood floors add value to your home. They even sell better than other homes. Finding homes with hardwood flooring is a dream of many home buyers.
Easy To Maintain and Repair
These floors are durable. A century old house may still have original hardwood flooring if they have been maintained properly. You only have to sweep and vacuum the floor and sometimes clean them with a wood cleaner. Spillages can be mopped without leaving behind stains. They can be sanded alongside finishing which can restore the lustrous appeal of the wood in case of any scratch marks.

Gorgeous Look with Variety
Hardwood flooring makes any room look spectacular. Their natural appearance makes rooms more inviting and adds a charming appeal to the space. Besides this, they come in a large variety of stains, different types of woods (oak, walnut and cherry) and varying thickness of planks. Because you can sand and stain them, you can change the look of the hardwood floorings whenever you like.
High Cost
Hardwood floors are costly. The cost depends upon the material too. More exotic floorings can even cause you approximately $12 per square foot. There is also an additional cost of sub flooring.
Unfriendly to Animals
Pet animals cannot grip the floor as well as they can carpet-floors because of the smooth surface. They might slip frequently as soon as they gain pace.
Occasional Refinishing
If the wood is soft, it will be prone to blemishes and scratches. Even high traffic zones get scratches especially when you have pets or kids running around. This means that you will have to do refinishing frequently. It shall cost you at most $4/square foot.
Loud and Noisy
Walking on the hardwood floors is noisy and older floors creak too. They can cause your downstairs neighbors a little discomfort but adding a rug can help in muffling the sounds.