Post Frame Building

The Advantages of Post Frame Building Structures

Post frame building systems are one of the most popular framing structures available today. This type of structure was once considered to be idiosyncratic to livestock housing and barns only, however, presently the trend of building post frame building structures for residential, commercial and other agricultural purposes is quickly gaining popularity. Generally the framing system is concrete, wood or steel based. It can also be an amalgamation of all the three. There are several advantages of post frame building structures which are described below:

Versatility and Aesthetic Appeal

Post frame constructions are extremely versatile. You can build almost any type of building with them and incorporate a score of customized architectural features such as canopies, gables, vaulted ceilings and porticos. These types of structures can be covered with practically any type of siding steel, stucco, stone and brick veneer and wood. These properties of post frame structures make it possible for the buildings to attain aesthetic appeal.


The durability of post frame structures depends heavily upon the materials used and their ability to control the deterioration rates due to corrosion and decay. This means using materials which are compatible to the environment in which the structure’s foundations are. Durability also depends upon the maintaining load levels that are in accordance with the strength of the elements used for which proper structural engineering comes into play. Modern construction techniques have made it possible or post frame building structures to stand firmly even in harsh environmental conditions. If the buildings are well maintained, that is, regular application of timely preservatives, usage of corrosion resistant fasteners etc., then post frame building structures can even exceed their designated lifetime.   


Post frame building structures are extremely affordable. This is because they require fewer resources to build a structure. Less labor, fewer materials, reduced construction time, all are areas in which you can make considerable amount of savings. Because the components required to build a structure are less, the labor required to do the job is automatically less. There are less time delays because of environmental conditions because they can be built below or above freezing points.


Post frame structures allow for a variety of thermal envelope designs to be incorporated. This is possible because the space between the main frames can be occupied by any insulation material so you can basically choose from a variety of thermal enveloping materials like rigid polystyrene boards, spray foam and fiberglass batt and blanket Thermal envelopes are the ones that greatly affect the comfort level of the residents of a building.


Post frame building structures are also ideal in times of environmental calamities such as strong winds and hurricanes (this depends upon the material used in construction and the proper distribution of load).
The aforementioned advantages of post frame building structures are too good to be overlooked. From school buildings to residential buildings and commercial buildings like firehouses, the post frame structures are quickly gaining popularity.