Space in the Kitchen

Clever Strategies to Make More Counter Space in the Kitchen

It is a universal fact that your kitchen counters never have sufficient space. Most homeowners will agree to this as it is a dilemma faced by many. But did you know that just executing minor improvements will make your counters more spacious while keeping things within your budget?
Well here are a few solutions to regain the precious kitchen space:
  1. Pull-Out Trays and Cutting Boards
These are truly a lifesaver. Always present at the flick of your fingers just when you need them, these cutting boards and tray snug beneath the counters and do not consume space on the counter top.

  1. Portable Rolling Islands
These are extremely versatile. They can function as a cutting board or serve as a cart. Because they are movable, you can carry them all over the place. This is the most feasible solution to your endless insufficient space issues. Some of the portable islands come with drawers, cabinets and shelves too, making them your rescue guide for a huge party for which you are cooking at home.
  1. Wall Mounted Drainers and Shelves
Wall mounted dish drainers are a great way to keep the counter free of clutter. Open wall mounted shelving provides storage space for cookbooks and other utilities.
  1. Make Use of Tension Boards
Tension boards can be used to stack baking trays and cutting boards in an upright manner and create more space on the counters. You can even make use of a file organizer to achieve this purpose.
  1. Adding a Pot Rail beneath the Cabinet over the Counters

It is a sneaky and trendy way to clear off the space while keeping the most frequently used items within an easy grasp. Hanging the utensils is not just convenient, it also avoids the problem of rummaging the drawers and cabinets to locate the desired kitchen apparatus.