Brick Home Care

Maintenance and Care Tips for Brick Homes
Romans made use of brick for a reason. Visit Italy and you will be enthralled to see that ancient roads and building made from bricks are still in use. Brick is a robust material for building houses but that does not mean that you can skip maintenance. Homeowners can take care of their brick homes by following these maintenance tips:
  1. Removal of fungal growth
An annual inspection of your home is mandatory. Walk around to see if there are any signs of mortar crumbling or development of mildew, moss and fungus. If you discover these, clean the surface with a synthetic brush by applying a mixture of water and common household bleach.  This simple procedure will get rid of most of the growth.
  1. Guard against efflorescence
Efflorescence is the slow growth of saline crystals inside the brick that make their way to the surface if water is allowed to penetrate the bricks. This looks like a chalky deposit on the outer surface. You should clean it with the help of a stiff brush. If the deposit proves difficult to remove, then make use of a special cleaning chemical agent.  Applying a sealant which contains silane or siloxane will guard your brick house with moisture related issues like spalling and efflorescence.
  1. Protection from ivy and vines
Even though creeper, ivy and vine look spectacular on the façade of brick homes, they are damaging to the bricks. They stick to the surface and corrode the brick as their roots plunge into the mortar, loosening it. So, if you discover these sticking to the façade, take action. Instead of pulling them away, cut them near the soil. This would kill them naturally and they will shed from the surface of the building. Pulling them will only cause damage to the building.