Carpeted Floors

The Pros and Cons of Carpeted Floors
Are you considering carpeted flooring for your home? Read the pros and cons below so that you can make a judicious decision.
The Pros
Vacuuming is the primary care for the carpets, which is fairly easy to do. Most of the carpets today undergo a stain repellant treatment so spillages can be prevented and the floor can be sopped swiftly. Promptness is the key to handle the spillages though.
Provides insulation
It saves energy as it provides automatic insulation in the extreme seasons. Carpeted floors keep the chilly draft at bay in winters and prevent outside heat from passing into the floor in the summers. Carpets are comfortable and softer than other hard floorings.
Minimizes sound
Carpeted flooring minimizes the sounds as well so it is a god option for bedrooms and living rooms.
The Cons
Moisture Problem
The moisture problem enhances with the density of the weaves in the carpet. Damage to the carpets caused by flooding is irreparable. So it is not a good option for bathrooms despite the technological advancements.
Promotes Allergies
Carpeted floors worsen the allergy symptoms in the residents. The fibers of the carpet do not just  ttract dust particles but are also home to dust mites, and other creepy crawlies. So if you have respiratory tract problems such as asthma, you might want to steer clear of carpeted floors altogether.
Not Feasible with Pets Around
Pets and carpets do not mingle well. If a canine or a cat urinates on the carpet, the pungent smell is really hard to get rid of. The unbearable smells tend to linger around for a while and it will be difficult to get rid of it. So with pets around, it is better to go for other flooring options.