Choosing Bathroom Flooring

6 Factors to Consider when Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Aside from your personal preferences, style, durability, and the lifetime of flooring, there are 5 other key considerations that you should not overlook when selecting bathroom flooring. Here are some things that you should bear in mind for the material of bathroom flooring.
  1. Home’s Worth
It is never a good idea to invest in the remodeling of your house beyond the resale worth. So let’s say your home is not in a posh area of the town; it is not advisable that you splurge money on marble flooring for your bathroom. Stick to the low cost options like vinyl, laminate, cheap tile and linoleum instead.
  1. Bathroom Space
Consider the size of the bathroom before choosing the size of the tiles. If the washroom is petite, it is better to go for tiles or wooden planks of small dimensions.
  1. Are you considering flooring for a powder room or a full-fledged bathroom?
In powder rooms, the maintenance is not as high as compared to the bathrooms so the chances of splashing of water and spillages are minimal. Wood or natural stone is an elegant, yet expensive option for such rooms.
  1. Consider the location of your home
Certain types of wood shrink in the presence of moisture so it is not wise to have wood flooring in such climates. Sometimes, stone and ceramic flooring may get to chilly. So consider the location of your house before choosing the flooring.
  1. Consider the toddlers or little kids around the house
Laminate and wooden floors are not a viable option if there are little kids and toddlers around who love to splash water all around. Do not select a slippery flooring either.
  1. Consider the allergies
Cork flooring is best option if there are people in the house who have various allergies.

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