Curb Appeal

Enhancing the Curb Appeal
A pleasant curb appeal creates a wonderful first impression. Without a pretty immaculate exterior, potential buyers won’t be attracted to the house. Here are some low-cost tips to enhance your curb appeal:
  1. Flower Pots and Baskets
Nothing enhances the curb appeal more than flowers. Flowers are the least expensive method of making your curb look incredible. Plant as much flowers as you can. Put them in pots at the entrance, hang them in baskets, or create flower beds in the garden.
  1. Apply Fresh Paint on the Front Door
A renewed coat of paint can do wonders to your house’s façade. Refreshing the paint of the entrance will make your house more welcoming. Decorative glass doors and storm doors look pleasant.   
  1. Trim Bushes
Your house may be beautiful from the outside, but that would mean nothing if it is obscured by tall hedges and huge branches. Trim the branches and overgrown bushes. Furthermore, if the branches touch the house, they could pave the way for pests and rodents to enter the house.
  1. Supplant Old Hardware
Do not underestimate the importance of simple things. Upgrading old hardware like mail boxes, door knobs, and house numbers enhance the curb appeal and make your house aesthetically beautiful. Replacing these small things will make your house look more elegant.  
  1. Install Outdoor Artwork
Install water proof artworks like sculptures, fountains, stone benches, birdbaths or wind chimes in the yard. Select those pieces that complement the overall external portion of the house.
  1. Lights along the Sidewalk and Porch
Lights illuminate the sidewalk and porch and guide the guests and residents inside the house securely after dusk. Exterior lighting makes your house amicable and inviting. It reduces dark spots and enhances the various landscaping features.  
  1. Create Symmetry
Symmetry is alluring. Try to arrange pots, light fixtures at the entrance in perfect symmetry which will boost the curb appeal.

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