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Illusion Tactics – How to Make a Ceiling Look Higher than it Actually is?
Do you live in a basement with a tremendously low ceiling? Or perhaps your room’s ceiling is at medium height but you wish that it was higher. Well, worry no more! There are creative illusion techniques that make rooms look taller. Read below to find out more; maybe you will find a perfect solution for your low ceiling.
  1. Paint a few inches of the wall in the same color as that of the ceiling
This is an exceptional tactic to play with your mind psychologically, for the façade removes the boundaries of the ceiling and bingo – it gains an additional height!
  1. No need to have crown molding
Trims and moldings have an appearance of projecting outwards from the ceiling. This looks pretty amazing otherwise, but with a low-ceilinged room it is not appropriate. Get the molding removed or keep it thin. Also paint these in the same shade as that of the ceiling to give an appearance of additional height.
  1. Hang the curtains higher
Curtains make our eyes think that their size is equivalent to the size of the windows. So by hanging your drapes or curtains just below the ceiling will draw the eyes of the people toward the ceiling, fooling them into thinking that the window is bigger than the actual height and making the ceiling look taller.
  1. Recessed Lighting
When the room is already smaller in height, anything that protrudes outwards will make the room look smaller. Go either for wall lighting or use recessed lighting.
  1. Paint the walls in vertical stripes
Vertical stripes will help your gaze direct upwards. Anything that does this will make a ceiling appear higher than it actually is. The effect can be enhanced by keeping a great contrast between the painted stripes.