Make a Room Look Bigger

5 Ingenious Tactics to Make a Room Look Bigger
Having to cram everything from television sets to sofas into a small room is a problem that many young individuals face today. But there are some really simple solutions for this dilemma. Just because the room is small in reality, does not really mean that it has to look smaller too! Follow these 5 ingenious tactics to make your room look bigger, modern, classy and welcoming.
    Buy the furniture the color of the walls
Buying furniture in the same shade of the walls will help the space-occupying furnishings to simply blend with the walls. This will produce an illusion of a spacious room.
  1. Sofas with raised legs
Sofas and other seating with raised legs create more space and also a sense of light in a small room. So make sure to procure such furnishings.
  1. Remove the window treatments
Allowing as much of the natural light to flood your room by removing the curtains, blinds or drapes will not just make the room brighter but it will also appear to be more open and airy. Windows make rooms look spacious and create a sense of depth. So you better leave them uncovered.
  1. Paint the room white
The color white creates the illusion of space the most as compared to any other color. Besides, white simply goes with everything and makes for a scenic backdrop. White also allows you to accentuate one of the walls of the room. Paint black and white stripes on a wall or create an accent wall in rubicund or turquoise. Just make sure that the other walls are pure white.  
  1. Pastel hues with accents
Pastels have a more feminine appearance but they can make a room look larger. Peach, lavender, light pink and lilac are great choices for pastel hues. You may also go for beige, cream or lighter tones. You can also add accents with the darker shade of the same color spectrum.