Mounting Solar Panels

How to Mount Solar Panels on the Roof?
Knowing how to power your house with solar energy is essential. While having a solar power system fixed is not as easy as simply mounting some photovoltaic cells on the rooftop, it isn’t too complex either. Here is what you need to know for mounting the solar panels on your roof.

Tilt of the Solar Panels

Have you seen flowers aiming towards the sun to absorb the sunlight? In exactly the same way, solar panels need to be tilted in the right direction to optimally use the sun’s energy. But before proceeding any further, it is important to know that not every roof has a precise orientation angle to reap maximum benefits.

Northern Hemisphere

The best orientation for the solar panels for homes in the northern hemisphere is due south. However, western and eastern may work too but you will, of course, sacrifice upon the efficiency.

Southern Hemisphere

If you are in the southern hemisphere, then the solar panels must face true north.

Calculating true north and south

The compass reading is not accurate because of the uneven composition of the earth. In order to find out the exact location, you can make use of the magnetic declination formulas.

Best horizontal angle

Next, you might wonder about the horizontal angle at which the solar panels on the rooftop must be tilted. Solar panels ought to incline horizontally at an angle that is closest to the latitude of the area in order to utilize maximum energy from the rays of the sun. You might add fifteen degrees in the cold season and decrease 15 degrees during the summer.

Never Mount Solar Panels under a Shade

The solar panels must never be in a shaded area (nearby buildings or trees). You will be shocked to know that even if a single PV module is in a shade, it will reduce the output power significantly.
Lastly, always obtain meteorological data, and size and place your solar panels based upon the worst month. In this way, you will have sufficient amount of energy round the clock, all year round.

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